Crowdsource - how do I download my pictures?

08-29-2019 12:05 PM
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So the old Crowdsource app was awesome.   What if I want to batch download ALL of the photos from it though?

The new templates are more cumbersome; I created this in like 1 minute. 

Ideally, exporting the Hosted Feature Layer that I used with it, which it generates on AGOL out of the box, would download not only the points to a fGDB but also a relate with the photos as attachments in the gdb. It doesn't. That is disappointing. I wish I could at least download the photos and they'd some sort of ID or something that could link them to the points.

I found that if I go to the featureLayer REST page and do the old 1=1 query trick, I can view them all.


But... is there a better way?

Also I noticed it seems to grab EXIF from uploaded images if they have geotag, and locate the image.  But unfortunately it strips away the very, very valuable EXIF when I download the photo (from the URL I found in F12)  First, I would advise Esri to always, always preserve EXIF.  For timestamp and geotag. 

So I was wondering also - is there any way with this Classic template, to determine when the actual photo was taken?  

IF not, I guess I'll have to stick a text note somewhere, advising users to note the actual date the photo was taken, if they are uploading a photo that had been taken previously.

And if that is what I have to do as the workaround (not ideal)... is there any way to change the text where it says "Description" to put such a text note?  Since it's hosted I'm guessing no.  Is there any way I can download this app so I can put it on my server and tweak the source?  

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Ok... another question, how do I delete photos? ---- update:  hats off to Tech Support as always.  I had to go in to the feature layer's permissions, and enable Delete.  By default it only has Add and Update.  Then I deleted the points through the webmap.

Sidenote, this is a use case where directly being able to batch update through the webmap attribute table could come in handy, if I ever needed to delete many records at once, perhaps of a given date range in this example.

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