Maplex labelling problems with Stack Label on labels that intersect clipping mask of data driven page

09-27-2016 01:33 AM
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Hi all.

Has anyone experienced issues displaying labels using the Maplex labelling engine along with clipping masks on data driven pages?

I have a data driven page with a polygon index layer. The data frame is set to clip to the data driven page extent. I have a point layer with label content that is set to be excluded from the clipping. When I use the Maplex labelling engine, labels that intersect the border of the index polygon display on a single line, rather than stacked.

The label content initially was a set of lines with line breaks ("\n") in them. I have also experimented with inserting a designated splitting character, and using the settings of the Stack Label page with the Maplex labelling options to force a split on this character, but I get the exact same results.

Turning off 'Stack Labels' also has no effect. i.e. leaving line breaks in the label content but turning off the 'Stack Labels' completely *still* displays on a single line.

In the screenshot below, the purple line is the polygon index layer. You can see the two lower labels which are displayed exactly as I want them - i.e. I want ALL labels to look like these. The top label, however, displays on a single line.

The label points are manually placed and therefore I don't want the location of the label to move, and neither do I want the size of the text to change, and I have ticked "Never remove (place overlapping)" because I want all labels to always display.

Nothing I do can seem to make it work with the Maplex labelling engine. Turning OFF Maplex and using the standard label engine works - however I have a need for Maplex within the same mxd for labelling other features.

Currently using ArcMap 10.4.

Any suggestions or comments appreciated - or suggestions on where else to post this question if more appropriate somewhere else.



Maplex labelling problem example

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