how do you select attributes in a single column that have the same value in a large dataset

11-21-2019 07:50 AM
New Contributor

I am currently having issues editing data for our sanitary sewer lateral data.  I have just successfully created a join that merges our parcel data to our lateral data.  In the process, some of the tax ID numbers for the properties and laterals have created the same tax id number for multiple lateral features.  

My question is, how can you create a query that will allow you to select multiple features in a single attribute column that have more than one feature that has the same tax id number.  I want to be able to select these features in a single query so I can export them and edit them on the side instead of going through 4000 features to see which features share the same tax id number so I am able to edit them and assign them the correct tax id number.

I hope this makes sense! 

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