How do I change the attribute field order in a feature class

04-13-2017 01:37 PM
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I want to change the attribute field order in a feature class. I am able to add and delete fields fine, but I cant seam to permanently change the display order in the table. I have tried in several different ways ( arcCatelog, Desktop).

Thanks, Marcella

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There are ways... but not the way people want to do it.  You might have missed this

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I think it is not allowed in ArcGIS Desktop. But it is in ArcGIS Pro.

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If you export the feature class to an xml file, using xml notepad or something like it, you can drag and drop the fields to whatever order you want.  Then you import the adjusted xml back into your geodatabase.

Another alternative would be to create an empty feature class using the same field names and types as your current feature class but ordering them as you would like.  Then use the simple data loader or the append tool to bring the original data into your new feature class.

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you could first start 'editting' the feature layer, then open the attribute table, and just left click the feild and hold to drag to the place you want to insert. You cant do it if you didnt turn on editting.

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