RFP for Campus Utilities

12-08-2021 06:44 AM
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Good morning.  The University of Maryland - College Park is looking for a little help from this community.  We need to put together an RFP for a consultant to help us implement a complete (11 utilities) utilities GIS solution.  We are hoping that someone(s) from this group would be willing to share existing RFPs to give us a starting place.  Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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We at University of Wisconsin Madison are just finishing an upgrade of our GIS environment consisting of ArcGIS Server and Desktop and Schneider Electric's ArcFM, and we use Oracle for the database.  We did a simplified bid for consultant help, not a full RFP, so I don't have much to offer for the RFP itself never having participated in one.  Plus we're only doing fiber here.  Still, I thought I'd let you know we sent our bid materials to Schneider Electric, SSP Innovations, and Power Engineers.  Power Engineers won the bid, and we've had a very good experience with them.