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09-01-2010 09:28 AM
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The problem:  Our division has an inventory to complete.  The inventory consists of visiting natural resource features and recording attributes about them.

Proposed solution: Using mobile computing (ArcPad 8 for now) we will check out data from a replicated file gdb

Problem:  I'm pretty familiar with Arcpad but have never checked out/in edits, I've only used it on a machine until finished with a project (1 user).  To set this up multiple users will check out the data into arcpad and in arcpad use custom forms/tools to work on the data in the field, then return to office and update the gdb.  I'm not sure where to start....do you need to check the data out of arcpad to be before customizing the forms/tools?  Or can the forms be customized, loaded in arcpad and then add the data?  Is there a good reference out there for this like a project write up?


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I think you should start with designing the database structure/scheme for your data. You have to know in advance what data you have to collect/edit to be able to design the forms (auto-increment values, required fields, field types, length, etc.) in Application Builder and link the forms with the data. When everything is done, you can deploy your data & forms to ArcPad.


During check-out you can select what do you need: schema+data or schema only (for a new project, etc). Here is a pdf about how to do check-in/out:
(Feel free to use google, you can find loads of documents that can help! And you can get info from AP/AAB Help as well.)

Hope this helps,


PS: feel free to ask your ESRI distributor what they advise, sometimes they can help you to design/etc (probably for a small consultancy fee, it depends on your contract).
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