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02-12-2014 05:57 AM
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I have staff I would like them to go and collect data about some specific farms. I want to add a field in one of my layers in an  .axf file I created called "Operator" so than it can contain  the username of the staff collecting data. Just like "Editor Tracking" in ArcMap, I would like to get the field filled automatically. I am not a pro in programming and I am wondering if there is  anyway to do so.
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You could look at Quick Fields - it is an easy way to pre-polulate your fields with data when you open an Edit Form (without writing code 🙂 ). You can use Quick Fields to insert text, values, calculations and other properties (eg. GPS, Date/Time, Incremental ID's) into your data. Then you can build an expression for each field officer that will insert their name into the specified field whenever they create a new feature.

If you are feeling a little more adventurous - you could try using this Login Form Applet  which allows you to store the field officer name as an attribute and pass it into your Edit Forms using the onLoad event.

Hope this helps,

Hannah 🙂
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Thanks a lot Hannah.
I tried quick field and managed to fill the filed "Operator" with a predefined name and this worked fine. I tried to do so for a field called Date, so that can automatically be populated with a GPS UTC time for a Farmer_ Address layer and I failed. Here is attached the ArcPadExpressions.apx file and the screen shot for quick field. What is wrong with this?
I am preparing a project that I will deploy in 40 Trimble devices. For the field "Oparator, it seem I need to change the User Name for every specific device. I had a look at the  Login Form Applet, the problem is not solved yet  as It is not practical to have a list of 40 staff so that every one can always have to choose before logging in. Is there any way of using password linked to usernames instead ?
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