ArcPad Studio - Bundled with 8.0 but not 7 :-(

08-06-2010 12:09 PM
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We are using ArcPad Studio (7.1.1.) and have one license for it. However, in version 8.0, it came bundled with ArcPad. ArcPad 8.0 is buggy so we???ve downgraded back to 7.1.1. Problem is, we need more licenses of Studio and it???s not installed with 7.1.1. Anyone know any workarounds for this?

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Your dealer should've informed you about this. Anyway, I don't know what happens if you downgrade - I mean you got a refund (because 8 is more expensive than 7, almost double price because of Application Builder [AAB]) or what. But i'm not 100% sure, that a "downgrade" is officially possible for ArcPad. I don't know about ESRI's policy according to this, but you can ask your dealer or ESRI about it.
Pre 8 ArcPad versions have a separate Application Builder package that you can purchase. This gives you 1 license for both AAB and ArcPad and 1 year maintenance for AAB.

Hope this helps

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