ArcPad 10.2.5 - Available Now

02-22-2018 03:58 PM
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ArcPad 10.2.5 is available to download from My Esri.

This release includes improvements to installation, geodatabase subtypes, defaults and definition queries.


When installing as an administrator, registry keys are now created in the local machine registry location. Licensing ArcPad as an administrator will enable all users of the machine to run ArcPad. The application path is now correctly defined in the registry for 64bit machines.

The ArcPad installation now includes a sample batch install script. Install ArcPad once to get the script for additional installs. It is recommended that you manually uninstall any previous versions of ArcPad before using this script. The script does detect installations of ArcPad but with the fixes to registry keys in 10.2.5, some registry keys of older version may get left behind.

To use the script:

  1. Install ArcPad 10.2.5 on one computer
  2. From the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS\ArcPad10.2\Extras copy the files InstallArcPad.bat and UninstallArcPad.vbs to a shared folder location, for example \\share\ArcPad, or to a SD card or thumb drive.
  3. Copy the ArcPad installation executable to the same location as the script file
  4. Launch an administrator command (or powershell) window at this location and type:
    ./installArcPad.bat licensenumber

Where ./ indicates the current folder location (where the script is located) and licensenumber is your own ArcPad license.

Assuming all associated software is installed on the computer already – ArcMap, Windows Mobile Device Manager, Python - the installation (and un-installation if required) will proceed until complete with no user interaction. If these are not on the computer you will be prompted to acknowledge their absence.

ArcPad Data Manager

Definition Queries

When checking out data that has definition queries defined - two options are available: check out all data to the AXF and apply the definition query to the AXF layer for, or check out only the features included in the definition query. For more information on when to choose which option see Get Data for ArcPad.

Subtypes and defaults

At 10.2.5 all expected data is now checked out when layers contains subtypes, and specific attention has been paid to the case when not all subtypes contain domains.


Complementary to the improvements to check out, definition queries are applied as expected in ArcPad.  
Forms are now correctly created for related tables when the features class contains subtypes, and the subtype fields are displayed as expected. Coded value domains are honored if layers have subtypes.

Errors have also been reduced during feature synchronization. Common errors that should appear less (or not at all) are 'objectIds is null or not an object' and 'layer.length is null or not an object'.

And last but not least the Lambert Conformal Conic projection error has been resolved.