Trying to find tool GUID or name for the Topology Split Polygons command

07-18-2012 02:00 PM
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Howdy All,
I'm trying to find the GUID or the command name (i.e. "esriEditorExt.ConstructCommand" ) for the topology Split Polygons command. The icon for the command is:


I'm trying to use this command inside an project that is a command added to an extension that I've created... Any Ideas??? I've looked through the arcmap commands listing, but i didn't see anything that might match.

Thanks in advance,

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All of the GUIDs are in the system registry under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.  The id for esriEditorExt.ConstructCommand is:

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If you're using 10.x you can also find the guid through categories.exe in the arc bin directory.

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