TOC control scrolls horiz. hiding the visibility checkboxes. Can this be disabled?

03-09-2012 05:11 AM
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TOC scrolls horizontally hiding the visibility checkboxes. Can this be disabled or hanlded somehow?

I am adding some of my users' comments / complaints. This seems to be a pretty important issue for them.

Comment #1
"This is very annoying.  When layers with long names are
dragged up or down, the ToC scrolls horizontally so the beginning of the layer
name is at left edge of ToC, hiding the visibility checkboxes.  User must
manually scroll back every time.  See attached images.

Can this behavior be disabled ?  (without breaking anything else)"

Comment #2
"This is not limited to dragging.  It can also be done for long names my
clicking on the text to edit.

Yes.  It is very annoying.  So too is the long names appearing after I leave
the TOC."

Comment #3
"After many operations, e.g., change layer color, map size zoom, load a theme,
the information in the portait frame shifts left requiring the use of the lower
window framing bar to reposition the shapefile names so that the left side of
the names can be read. In operation this amounts to several hundred unnecessary
mouse operations per day causing irritation at the program and a decrease in

The frame should default to the left side of the outline being visible and only
shifting when so commanded. My screen is not large enough to
give half of it to the Portrait window, I want MORE for the map image."
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