Strange problem with mapAlgebraOp

05-07-2012 03:40 PM
New Contributor
I have a raster with 5 distinct values (1-5).I use a  map algebra Operator to execute different expretions and then i use a raster Renderer to give the integer values of the raster colors.

When i execute this exprestionToCalculate="con( [fhi] == 1, 1, con( [fhi] > 2, 2))"; the output raster has 2 values 1,2 and -here is the strange - when i run this exprestionToCalculate="con( [fhi] == 1, 1, con( [fhi] == 2, 2, con( [fhi] > 3, 3)))"; the raster has 3 values 1,3 and 2.00000001. I have tried all the compinations and when i have more the 2 con on the save exprestion only the first and the last con return real integer, the other return a number close to an integer (3.00000001, 4.00000001). After i execute the Operator  i first save the raster in GRID format and then i make a layer from it useing a raster renderer.
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