Registring Arc Objects "TLB" or "DLL" files  on Shared Network Drive

12-12-2012 06:53 AM
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We are Trying to access the "TLB" or "DLL" files on Shared Network Drive , the file is accessable ,  but while loading the TLB file on ArcMap , it is showing as "No new items to add.", even though TLB files are having tools.

Please Find the below image for reference.

Can anyone of you give us the details of registring the files on the Shared drive to make it accessable ?

Note : The TLB files is developed using ArcObjects 10.0 with .Net Framework 4.0.
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First make sure a proper registration method is used:

I believe you will need local admin rights on the machine in order to use the customize dialog method. Also the user would need permissions to the network location. Try logging in as an admin and see if it works.  I don't recommend deploying the tool this way though. I've run into issues in the past where a network path changes and causes a ghost toolbar that can't be unregistered easily. The Add-In model makes network deployments much easier.
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