RasterConversionOp Overwrite

03-14-2013 05:09 AM
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I'm developing code in Java language using ArcObjects and I am trying to set the RasterConversionOp class to overwrite using the .setVerifyType() method. I have set the esriRasterVerifyOff variable defined in my Java class and set the RasterConversionOp object to "overwrite" using the Esri Constant Field Value of 1. This code works fine when I run the code once and create the "test.shp" file, but if I run it a second time it does not work (not overwriting)! Anything I'm missing here?

//Java Class
private static final int esriRasterVerifyOff = 1;

IWorkspaceFactory WSF = new ShapefileWorkspaceFactory();
IWorkspace WS;
WS = WSF.openFromFile("c:/TEMP", 0);

//pOutputLCPDataset is created earlier in the code!
RasterConversionOp pConversionOp = new RasterConversionOp();
String OUT = "test.shp";
IGeoDataset Shapefile_Out = pConversionOp.rasterDataToPointFeatureData(pOutputLCPDataset, WS, OUT);
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