How to get The character spacing from a ITextElement arcgis engine 9.3 C#

07-15-2013 01:56 AM
New Contributor
i have a problem.I can set character spacing to a IElement as ITexElement like :
TextSymbolClass pTextSymbol = new TextSymbolClass();
pTextSymbol.CharacterSpacing = 10 ; //etc
((ITextElement)firstElement).Symbol= pTextSymbol;
//firstElement is a Element in map

Now i want to get value of CharacterSpacing when i focus to a ITextElement in Map.But when i used this code below, some thing happen and it break from function and have no exception.
TextSymbolClass pTextSymbol2 = new TextSymbolClass();    
pTextSymbol2 = (TextSymbolClass)((ITextElement)firstElement).Symbol; //break from here    
value=pTextSymbol2.CharacterSpacing ;

So, how can I get the CharacterSpacing value of a Element,can you show me another way to get it.I'm using Arcgis engine 9.3, C# .Thank you so much.
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