controlling where documents are saved (seeking a BeforeSave event)

02-10-2012 07:42 AM
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It's easy to control UI behavior when a user seeks to close ArcMap because you can handle the BeforeCloseDocument event.

It's harder to see how to do the same when a user seeks to save a document (or use save as.)   The OnSave event lets you serialize info into the document as it's saving, but doesn't appear to give you any choice about whether the process of saving the document should continue.  Other than replacing the default ESRI save and save as menu items, recreating the dialogs, and then saving the documents via our own code, is there an event we can trap to control this behavior? In our shop as in others, there are good and bad places to store documents, and we'd like to provide some subtle guidance to our users 😉

Charlie Richman
District of Columbia Office of Planning
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