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05-14-2021 02:15 PM
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Hello, I am in need of some help. 

(Please let me know if I'm in the totally wrong community for this)

I am working on an add-in that calculates the area of polygons in ArcMap 10.7 and maps it to a field on an attribute table.

Currently, when I run the add-in without any features selected, the try function breaks (not the bad kind of break I mean it exits the function). If 1+ objects are selected, it will calculate the selected ones. If selected features < 0 I want my program to just calculate the whole field in the attribute table.

What I am asking is does there exist a function that will automatically select the entire column/field?

I would be grateful for any helpful responses.

Thanks 🙂

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It's impossible for anyone to answer this question without seeing your code, you need to amend your question and include the section of code that does the field calculate on/off the selection.

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