Anyone had experience using ISearchEngine?

05-02-2014 09:13 AM
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I am trying to create an index of the personal and file geodatabases on my system.  I can use FileInfo and DirectoryInfo to do so, but I'd rather do this using ArcObjects components if possible.  I'd like to believe there's a way to tap into ArcCatalogs search index, but so far I haven't seen anything that provides a way to do this.  As a fall back I have been working with the CatalogSearchEngineClass, ISearchEngine and FileSystemQuery but have run into many problems.  First and foremost there does not seem to be an "INativeType" for geodatabases - leading me to think the whole assemblage was written back at version 8 and never updated?  This belief is strengthened by the fact that the catalog search doesn't seem to know what a geodatabase is as it drop into gdb folders and then into featuredatasets as if they were just another subfolder!  If you have any experience searching using ArcObjects please reply!
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