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Workforce Worker Map Only showing Assignment and Worker layers.

11-20-2020 03:39 PM
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I'm having an issue with the Workforce Mobile App only showing the Assignments and Workers layers, and not any of our organizational asset layers. I want our inspectors to be able to see our stormwater assets in the Worker map in the mobile app as well as the their assignments. The stormwater layers consist of four rest services published from arcgis server via ArcGIS Pro to our server site. The layers are feature services with sync enabled (not sure if this matters?).

These layers are visible in both the Dispatcher Map and the Worker Map when accessing the maps through the Overview tab within My Projects. I am able to create and assign assignments from assets without any issue using the dispatcher map.

Troubleshooting I have done so far:

  • 1) Downloaded the project within the mobile app for both android and iOS. (Android 11, iOS 14.1). Same issue with storm layers not appearing for both OS's.
  • Created a new project from scratch and add storm layers.
  • Added a hosted feature layer to the Worker map to see if the REST service was the issue, but hosted feature service on AGOL did not appear either.
  • Uninstalled Workforce App and restarted mobile device, reinstalled App (Android).


Also within the mobile app when I view the Legend items, under assignments there is Assigned, In Progress, Completed, and Paused. However the map only shows Assigned locations. Completed items are not shown within the map. Once an "Assigned" location is changed to "Completed" the location disappears from the map entirely. Why is this? I'm confused because the Worker map within the Workforce project shows Unassigned, Assigned, In Progress, Completed, Declined, Paused, and Canceled locations. Why are the same locations/symbology not showing in the mobile map?

Does the ability to view additional layers in the Workforce App exist? The documentation states this is possible. Is anyone else having this issue?

I attached both a screen shot of the Workforce Worker map showing storm assets as well as the Workforce mobile app map showing only assigned.

Any insight or help understanding these issues would be greatly appreciated!

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Hello @andreoudi 

Yes, any layer that you'd like to have available in the Workforce worker web map must be enabled for offline use.  This topic outlines the requirements for offline use with Workforce projects in Enterprise.


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by Anonymous User
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I was experience the same issue as originally posted - one of my polygon layers was present  and visible in the web map but not it workforce. I saw the red error triangle next to the Worker Map. I opened the worker map from the Workforce project overview page, changed the symbology for the layer that would not appear and then save the map. Now the layer is visible in the workforce app. I am a bit curious as to why the map opens in map viewer classic though. There are some limitations to the symbology so I no longer have the option to symbolize my polygons with a hatch fill.

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