Will a future release include Recurring assignments or repeating tasks? (monthly, weekly, etc)?

08-10-2017 11:04 AM
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Are you planning to add the ability to create recurring / repeating assignments into a future release of Workforce?  (without scripting/programming).  We would like to see this as part of the core functionality.  Thank you,

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How would you expect this function to handle information in the workorderid field, etc? Interested in your thoughts or how do you cope with that at the moment?


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I think this is a great idea - I currently have to use a combination of Excel, a bash script and Python script to schedule repeating assignments and would welcome a native Workforce solution. My application is grass-cutting, and I use a unique location code as the WorkOrderID, and the Cut number in the Description field. So a feature for repeating tasks could usefully allow automatic incrementation of a value in the Description field for me personally - but I guess for most (less exotic) applications, the ability to set a pattern for WorkOrderID, which incrementing of numeric portions would make sense - perhaps thus:

LonBrg2-2017-Visit01 - where the "2017" would auto-set to the scheduled year, and the "02" would increment from the last.

Hope this helps.


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We do have recurring tasks like all PW departments such as replacing reagent bottles in our chlorine analyzers(once a montg). We presently use our calendars on our iphones to remind us. Obviously it would be helpful to have automatic generation of work orders to manage this type of task.

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