Can app integration pass attribute values from the Workers table?

10-02-2020 12:51 PM
Esri Contributor

I have a Workforce project (latest release) that passes attribute values from the Assignments table to Survey123 via the custom integration URL.  I figured out how to edit the custom URL Template in the Assignment Integrations table to successfully pass Assignments attribute values other than the 3 exposed in the app integrations UI, including custom fields added to the Assignments table.  If possible, I would also like to pass information about the assignee from the Workers table--e.g. name, contactnumber.  Is there some way of addressing the attributes from these tables joined to Assignments (by their GUID's)?  For example, I can successfully add custom Assignments attributes to the integration URL with the format ...&field:<survey field name>=&(assignment.<custom attribute name>), but I'd also like to pull the name attribute from the Workers table via the assignments.workersid-to-workers.guid relationship.  I've tried ...&field:workername=&(, and ...&field:workername=&(, without success.  I can imagine others wanting to do the same with the descriptions attribute from the Assignment Types table.

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