Configure additional fields to pass to Survey123 from Workforce

06-12-2017 06:18 AM
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i would like to see the functionality of configuring additional fields (eg. workorderid) to pass to Survey123 (eg. custom url) when setting up assignment types to surveys. This would allow a relationship between assignment & survey to be established. I want to use workforce to manage external contractor works with survey123 for asset inspections but is difficult without a relationship to do further analysis (eg. was the survey done/which asset was missed, etc.)



I would also like to see this kind of functionality.

We are trying to bring up a citizen reporting solution that uses GeoForm, Workforce and Survey123 but are unable to fully implement the solution because there would be no way to tie the Surveys to the assignment.

It would be nice to be able to pass assignment type, assignment date, assigned field worker and assignment number to a survey123 form to be able to tie the records back and analyze the assignments.  

This type of functionality would be great. 

We're about to implement Survey123 for data collection and would like to limit the free text needed to complete the form so we're populating the survey with data from a data base.  Workforce is being used to manage the field assignments but it would be more efficient if it could pass the required parameters from the database right to the survey.

This is a great idea but for us is a part of the problem. One good idea is to pass parameters to fill in some fields of the Survey, so to avoid retyping; a second one applies if the survey relies on a published feature service: in this case the passed parameters could be used in the "where" clause of the inbox to filter/order the inbox features.


Could you explain a little more on what you mean about 'the filter/order the inbox features'? I assumed this would have been considered, etc. when the format/functionality of Survey123's custom URL scheme was developed.


Hi Anthony,

as far as I know the URL scheme can be used only to pre-populate fields in the survey, not for the where clause in the Inbox. When using survey to edit existing features, the where clause is very useful to filter features using field values or even the logged user, but this is fixed at desgn time and I don't think that URL schema values can be used.  For example if I have a general survey to report interventions, I could use it first for features regarding road problems, than for water problems and so on. This is because different people take care of different type of problems but the survey template could be the same.

To be sure I am also posting a question on the forum.



Thanks for the reply but this has clouded my idea. My idea still stands to add the ability to pass parameters to a survey. During the configuring process of assigning a survey123 survey to a workforce assignment_type, allow the user to select which fields from the workforce assignment can be passed to allow pre population of survey fields (eg. workorderid) to enable a linkage between scheduled work & condition assessment, etc. for future analysis, etc.

i'm not after anything complicated, just fields being pre populated of a particular survey as defined by the assignment_type configuration.

i have seen the workforce project json configuration by using ago_assistant tool and know it could be hacked by altering the custom URL scheme for the particular assignment_type but this shouldn't be the way to do it and it would be considered unsupported.



I understand that your idea is focused on Workforce-Survey call, so, to aoid confusion, I'll post my request as a new idea.


Hi Tiffany,

A couple questions on the fields you've listed as being important to send to Survey123:

For assignment type; this is an integer field with a coded value domain.  Do you want to pass the integer value or the name of the assignment type?

For assignment date, is this the Creation Date, Assigned On Date, or Due Date?

For the assigned field worker; the Workforce schema is normalized, so the workerId field in the assignment feature service is a foreign key to the worker feature service.  Would passing the workerId help?  If so, how?

Finally, for assignment number, is this the ObjectID, GlobalID or Work Order ID of the assignment?

dick_e_IEHP‌ and anthony.ryan_ergon‌ please feel free to comment as well with your scenarios.

The next release of Workforce, which we're currently working and moving into release certification, will have the ability to pass Work Order ID and/or Location text to Collector and Survey123.  We're planning out what other fields to add and when, so this information will be very helpful.

thanks for your feedback on Workforce.

1. Would like to pass the name of the assignment type for readability in printed reports.

2. Assigned on date ( that way we could see the date it was assigned and the date it was completed)

3. This can be disregarded in our use case. Editor tracking can tell us who filled out the survey

4. Either of the three could work: just would like some kind of unique identifier to tie the survey back to. 

Hope this helps inform the workflow, Thank you for listening to all of our feedback!

thanks Tiffany, this helps to understand the use cases for each of the fields.

Passing the GlobalID is definitely on our short term list.  Passing Assignment Type information may be something we don't get to right away.