Screening widget - remove graphic layer from map legend (Override 1)

01-24-2023 02:23 AM
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I have been using the screening widget in my application for users to generate reports. My users are very happy with this tool, but have noticed that when they draw a graphic layer on the map using the draw (or edraw) tools, it will add into the screening report map legend as "override 1".

I am familiar with this bug and believed I had mitigated it in my application because the normal print widget, in the same application, does NOT add the graphics layers to the map legend at all. However, despite the print service being the same, and the draw layers not being added as "operational layers" the screening widget will add the graphics to the legend with "Override 1"  in the screening widget map. This will happen regardless of whether I am using a custom print service, or the default esri one.

To me, the fact that this is happening in the screening widget but NOT the print widget, despite the print service for both widgets being the same, points to there being a possible javascript solution. Currently, I am trying to find a way in the widget js to simply block the graphics layers from being sent to the legend - but so far have only managed to block the legend from drawing entirely.

I was wondering if anyone had insight on how to block drawn graphics layers from appearing in the screening widget? Or, ideally, a way to relabel these drawn layers to something more appropriate? A complication is that I don't want to block esearch result layers (which are key to my application and are coming into the legend as expected)

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