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Assistance needed with the Nearby app please!

10-11-2020 12:41 PM
New Contributor III

Assistance needed with the Nearby app please! I am having trouble understanding how the results are ordered. If I turn on the distance measure (non-paid version) the distance is a straight line without taking into consideration islands or road travel measure/network. If I leave off the distance measure, the app returns many different nearby locations but they are not ordered in any particular way AND often, the location that is the closest is NOT at the top of the list. I tried to look through the the configuration but I don't know what am I missing to make the app behave as I would expect. Is it that I have to configure it somewhere else? Is it that the map is non-configurable in this way? 

Here is a link to the app I've made. 

Please any assistance would be greatly appreciated! #nearby #app please help!!!!! 

And I'm attaching a screenshot to show you how one of the users is reacting to the App. 

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Esri Contributor

Hi Jessica,

I understand that this may be a response-too-late considering your app is designed for locating ballot drop boxes. However I came across your post while investigating a similar issue for another user.

It appears that when the "Add distance values to results list" option is disable for the results list, then intersecting records get returned in a randomised list. This can be observed by changing the search radius multiple times and noticing that the order of the list often changes even if the centroid and radius are the same.

There are a couple of enhancements submitted for this particular issue in the Nearby configurable app:

  • ENH-000135678 - Configurable App - "Nearby": if the user disables the "Add distance values to results list" Results setting, then records returned by the slide-bar radius are randomized. There should be an option to order the list by attribute.
  • ENH-000135943 - 'Nearby' Configurable App: Provide more options to configure results list appearance, such as: Sort, Filter, and Collapsible Records

Hopefully these will be addressed to provide a more user-friendly experience in the future.



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