WebApp Builder: allow absolute scale and scalebar at same time

06-12-2019 08:36 AM
Status: Open
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Allow both the scalebar and absolute scale text to display at the same time for WebApp Builder.

And perhaps display a tooltip as well when a user hovers on the scalebar stating what latitude it is valid for. With a link to Esri's articles on projection 'Learn More' or something.

Currently users have to go all the way into the Advanced in Print to see scale; because I chose scalebar over absolute text because currently it is either/or.


Great idea, would be very useful to have both showing on a map and also the text colour isn't very legible, would be good if you can customise this. This configuration would be great for WA's whole of government SLIP platform ie Locate https://maps.slip.wa.gov.au/landgate/locate/

We have received feedback from our customers about having these options available.

Hi Belinda, I agree it would be good to enable developers to set text color and/or halo to make it more readable as well as have scale text and bar simultaneously.

Good question! Some viewers asked me if the webmap could have both scales and if it would be possible to edit the layout of the scale to improve the information.