Smart Editor/Edit widgets buffering option

01-24-2019 07:54 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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As one of the drawing options for editing, being able to generate a buffer area and save it to a selected polygon hosted feature layer in the map would be a great addition. (The Buffering tool in the Analysis widget only allows you to save to a new hosted feature layer.)


This is critical to a search and rescue workflow (see MapSAR Online GitHub - pjdohertygis/MapSAROnline: MapSAR Online is a research and development project to enable Wi... ) and soon to be released Learn Lesson. 

Audience: Search and Rescue, Planning Section 


Real-world Problem: When planning missing person search operations we often need to search trail or stream corridors with a specified "sweep width".

Technical Problem: We would like to construct search assignments by selecting a trail or drawing a route (polyline) and then buffering by a specified distance depending on the search scenario (10m on either side of the trail). 

Technology: Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

In ArcGIS Desktop we used a tool by Doug Morgenthaler and team (GitHub - dougmo/mapsar-arcgis: Collection of editing tools included with MapSAR   for buffering polylines, but would like this same capability in Web AppBuilder to make this capability more accessible to non-GIS Specialists. This is critical to the adoption of MapSAR Online, as other web mapping software currently have this capability (see SARTopo - Backcountry Mapping Evolved). 


Here is a video that shows how this worked in ArcGIS Desktop 24 MapSAR drawing tool overview - YouTube 


In the March 2019 release of ArcGIS Online, Smart Editor widget will allow you to copy features from another layer to another target layer.  No buffering edit tool in Smart Editor yet, but if you can generate the buffer in another widget, Smart Editor can copy that.

by Anonymous User

Being able to copy features will be awesome! Thank you for the note Previn!