Batch Attribute Editor widget: consolidate data integrity

09-02-2020 12:23 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

The Batch Attribute Editor widget is not always reliable with regards to data integrity:

  • Data can be saved even if mandatory fields contain null values, this should not be allowed: if it is not allowed when you edit a single record, why is it allowed when you edit multiple records? Please help us channel our users in producing clean and complete data!

  • Subtypes are not fully respected: cascading attribute values (or properties: subtype-specific domains) that depend on the subtype is not effective.

  • Data that is not visible on the map can be selected and edited. This door opens wide to data edition errors/accidents, please prevent such risks!

Could these data management consideration enter the widget's roadmap? at stake: data integrity and data edition efficiency.

Many thanks!