attribute expression & web app builder & operations dashboard

03-13-2018 11:46 AM
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I have noticed "attribute expressions" in web maps do not transfer to web apps or operations dashboards.

Can either this be changed so the attribute expression fields do carry over and can be used by widgets and/or dashboard tools.

Or can someone point me to how I can change the code to use them inside the agol assistant?

I have these in the web map attribute expressions.

DateDiff(date(),$feature.ITEM_DATE_CREATED , day)/86400000

DateDiff($feature.ITEM_DATE_CLOSED,$feature.ITEM_DATE_CREATED , day)/86400000

I have used similar "Date_Time BETWEEN CURRENT_TIMESTAMP - 7 AND CURRENT_TIMESTAMP" in other web maps for filters and that does transfer between apps.



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I agree - Building great popups with arcade is wonderful.  But it would be great if those same expressions were available to be sued by applications using the map in which the Arcade was created.


I also agree.  I have created an app using Web App Builder where we can digitize and plan new snow plow routes.  I have an arcade expression that calculates the mileage of the new routes.  I want to use the Summary Widget in WAB to sum up the total mileage of routes and I can't use my expression mileage field.  We have to use a calculator to convert the total feet into miles.  It would be nice if that mileage number could popup for the Public Works Supervisor.


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This would be very helpful.  I'm currently using an expression to convert RTS Parcel IDs into STR Parcel IDs.  The web app I've built is based on finding out whether or not a parcel lies within an Opportunity Zone.  So it would be nice if users could search STR Parcel IDs instead of the RTS format in our data.


I have added a similar comment here but taking a different approach in my request since it is the permanent fields that the web appbuilder widgets link to:

I have tagged your comment in my post, as it is related to the same basic issue.


I like this idea. It obviates the need to recreate expressions in multiple apps for the same effect (in my current case, showing decimal as percentage).


I was really happy to see ArcGIS to start supporting virtual fields and being able to build dynamic fields into their system. I think this has been a thorn in their side for a while, and I am sure that they are "working" on getting this to be more supported across the platform, but I really was hoping that they would have been able to have some sort of work around on operations dashboard. A lot of my statistics are dependent on calculations that I have to manually run. Even if I have to rebuild the calculation using Arcade on the Operations Dashboard end that would be fine, but not even offering the ability to do simple calculations in a data dashboard?