Coordinate Menu Widget - New !

02-17-2011 07:51 PM
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Hello Everyone,
I created a new widget that you might find useful.
Tucked away in the map context menu are three XY operations

   1.     Copy XY
   2.     Project XY (configurable)
   3.     Go To XY

ReadMe.txt included

Hope you find it useful!

Click Here to demo and download the Coordinate Menu Widget

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This is a great tool, when it works!  I am running Flex 3.6 on my server.  Every time I try to deploy this widget, I get "Error projecting coordinates" when I try to project to another coordinate system. The rest of the XY tools in the widget work fine. It works in the Flash Builder app, but will not activate properly in a production viewer. I have also attempted using the compiled version directly into my viewer without success.  What am I missing?

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Sorry, i don't even have Flash Building installed on my computer anymore to support this. The tech is just too old.

The only way I can help is if you can provide me a public link to the site and I can try and see what is going on.


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I’m sorry, but I cannot give you a link to our site.

I’m beginning to think I am not using the latest version. Can you send me a link to the latest compiled version?

Did I read somewhere that the file was updated along the way?



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Hello @Diane,

My widget was working fine with Flex 3.6 and AGS 10.2 for a long time. But then, when we updated to AGS 10.6 I started to have this error messagem. My guessing is that something in the ESRI library must had changed.

Good Luck,


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I'm using FlexViewer 3.7 with 10.6.1.  The compiled version is still working fine for me, at least for these CS's:

<coordinateSystem name="NAD 1983 UTM Zone 17" wkid="26917" decimals="4"/>
<coordinateSystem name="NAD 1927 UTM Zone 17" wkid="26717" decimals="4"/>
<coordinateSystem name="World Mercator" wkid="54004" decimals="4"/>
<coordinateSystem name="GCS WGS 1984 (Decimal Degrees)" wkid="4326" decimals=""/>


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Hi Dilson,

Thanks for the reply. We never had good luck with 10.6 on our developer site, so we kept AGS 10.4 on the production server. Also, many Flex tools didn’t work with Flex 3.7, so we have stuck with 3.6.

I’m thinking I have an outdated version of the widget and am trying to secure another copy from Drew.



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