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11-05-2021 06:58 AM
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i'm trying to replicate on velocity an analysis i made on Geoanalytics server. 

I'm trying to join to a territorial layer data coming from an Azure Blob. To reduce the data in the analysis on the Geoanalytics server i use the filter by extent flag (both in the python api and in the portal version). Is this option available also in the Join Features tool on velocity? We didn't found it in the UI. 

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@StefanoAngarano1 Thanks for posting this question! ArcGIS Velocity big data analytics will process all data ingested by your source configurations. To reduce the amount of data being analyzed, you can either use source parameters to only ingest desired features/datasets, or use tools to reduce the data being analyzed in subsequent tools by spatial, temporal, or attribute filters.

  • The Filter by Geometry, Filter by Expression, and Filter by Time Range tools can be configured to reduce the feed or source data based on geometry, Arcade expression, or temporal values
  • If there is an attribute you wish to use to filter the join data, the "join condition" parameter of the Join Features tool can reduce the candidates available for the join based on an expression, thus speeding up performance
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