How to connect live call data to Dashboards from fire, police, and 311 calls?

05-19-2020 10:46 AM
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I see a lot of Dashboards that are connecting their fire, police, and 311 calls. In general I just want to know how they are doing that? Is it by taking the calls from a Computer Aided Dispatch and using python or some or programming language to update web maps that are integrated with Dashboards?

I also see a lot of 311 dashboards being linked to 311 calls to track public works/maintenance calls. I know every county, city, and agencies is different I am just asking in general how they are taking those live calls whether it be by fire or 311 and integrating them in a dashboard. Thank you in advance for any help or advice you can give.

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We use Cityworks to manage our 311-type calls. The easiest way is to set up service URLs in Cityworks to be used in ArcGIS Online. We opted to build SQL table views and publish them as a service on our server instead to fine-tune the data available for use. Both the service URLs and table views return live data.

I'm currently struggling with our fire/police calls. Their contractors built a database view, but it's in an Oracle database while we're using SQL server. But generally similar process - create table views, publish, consume. Hope that helps

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