Export Entire System to JSON via Export Subnetwork Tool

11-24-2021 08:54 AM
Status: Open
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We are working with third party company for an outage management system that would ingest the Electrical GIS Data.  In the past customers has always just provided file geodatabases to them from an Geometric network or whatever they had to be ran through their import wizard.  Well since we are on the UN model they are going to me modifying and developing new workflows for us as this is where the industry is leading too.  Their ESRI contacts are telling them the only option we have is to provide a JSON file to them.  So I have been utilizing the Export Subnetwork Tool.  However, utilizing this tool I have to do an export per subnetwork name.  Our system is set up on our Feeder/Circuit Breakers so by the time we get everything set up I’m going to have around 30 subnetworks. Which means I would have to provide them with 30 different JSON files to get our entire electric system into their program and they would have to do 30 imports to get our entire system into theirs.  Which I will have to provide updates to on a frequent basis as devices, lines, and meters get changed out.  It would be awesome where we can export the ENTIRE system and/or select multiple subnetworks into one file and not just per subnetwork via JSON so we don't have run this tool multiple times.

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