Utility Network properties extractor

05-11-2021 09:09 AM
Esri Contributor
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If you are interested in extracting ArcGIS Utility Network, Geodatabase or Map properties to CSV files, the source code for a new ArcGIS Pro SDK add-in is available on Esri GitHub.   Once these properties are in Excel, filtering capabilities can be used to quickly get answers to these types of questions:

  1. Which network rules are defined for a specific Asset Group and Asset Type?
  2. Are database field names and aliases assigned consistently across multiple featureclasses?
  3. Which features are assigned to a network category? 


You can absolutely get these answers from within ArcGIS Pro but the information is spread across many panes and it is time consuming to retrieve all of it.   The Add-in contains 21 extractor buttons that generate individual CSVs into a single folder.  There is even an “Extract All” button.

The Add-in also contains 3 efficiency tools that help setup the map.  As an example, the “Set Containment Display Filters” button will define the Display Filter on the appropriate layers with the correct SQL query. 

The Add-in is domain network agnostic.  It doesn’t matter if the Utility Network is Electric, Gas, Communications, District Heating & Cooling, Water, Sewer, or others.  The add-in determines if the map contains a Utility Network and then enables or disables buttons.

Note:  The code was written against ArcGIS Pro 2.7.   If you are using a version earlier then 2.7, you may need to comment out some sections of code.

The effort to manage a Utility Network, Geodatabase and its Maps is large.  The Add-in was written with efficiency in mind.  Get the information into CSVs and use filtering capabilities in Excel to find the answer.