Issue in accessing ArcGIS Urban with student trial account!!!

10-02-2019 06:38 PM
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I am a new user to ArcGIS and using a student trial version! I would like to start on ArcGIS Urban to test its potential but I have no idea how to access the web based app through my current account! I have tried the web link, ArcGIS Urban Alpha Cities and it directs me to a beta web page of ArcGIS Urban. The help and get started menu in the ArcGIS Urban web page is also not providing much help in answering my question...

May I know if my student trial license and account is limiting my access to ArchGIS Urban or have I missed out on the proper steps to access it? 

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You followed and met the requirements on the Set up page?

Set up—Get started | ArcGIS 

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Hi Michelle,

Thank you for your interest in ArcGIS Urban.

Besides the Set up page mentioned above, our blogpost about "Getting Started with ArcGIS Urban" might also be of interest for you.


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