How to create a copy of a feature class which updates the attributes, without updating the geometry?

10-14-2019 02:30 PM
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Hi, my organization obtains road data from another via a replicate of their database. We are soon going to be starting a new project where we need a copy of 'our copy'. In this new copy, we need to be able to merge road segments, and then chop them up into little pieces (based on distance) so that we can properly manage the annual on-the-ground maintenance of our roads.

The dilemma is that we DO NOT want to alter the way that our original copy (from the replicate) is 'chopped up' - thereby disturbing our replicate's address ranges.

For example, the data we get via replicate for road X may be broken into 5 uneven segments. In the new copy, we desire to create - we want to merge these segments, and then re-break them into 5 even segments. We would like to maintain the attributes associated with this road and have them updated as the outside organization updates the data. (I.e. road name, road number, surface type, municipality, etc. etc).

But we cannot disturb the way the parent organization breaks its roads into segments. The replicate we have from the parent organization is synced with their data twice a month. 

I think that the solution is somehow a relationship class - but I've never created such a particular one before. Any ideas? Thanks!

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How about creating a one-way (parent to child) replica from the original child replica geodatabase to a 3rd geodatabase replica (I presume the original replica pairs are using two way replication?)  

For example:

  1. Parent GDB (Two Way) to Child GDB (Two Way) - this is your existing/daily workflow.
  2. In the Child GDB, create a One Way replica from a version to a 3rd single or multiuser geodatabase.  By doing this as One-Way, the data that's split up never gets back to the original child geodatabase.

Hopefully this makes sense.