ArcGIS Urban Validate building types against zoning regulations

09-30-2021 07:40 AM
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I am new to ArcGIS Urban. I am wondering how to validate the building types against zoning violations.

It is mentioned in Plans—ArcGIS Urban | Documentation 

that you can use plan editor to validate building types against zoning regulations but didn't mention how to do that and I searched online but didn't find anything.

I hope you can help me.




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Thanks for your question @MohamedG!

Buildings can be validated against zoning regulations in two ways:

  1. By turning on the warning labels layer in the hamburger menu in the top left of the header. Buildings that violate zoning regulations will show a warning label. On hover, it shows additional information.
  2. When you select a parcel, you can check built and allowed parameters in the right side panel. Parameters that violate what it's allowed, are showing a dot.

See the screenshot below for more information: