Workflow between collector and survey123

05-11-2017 07:46 AM
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Hi all,

I am editing related records. I need survey123 to do some calcs in the field.

1. they can edit existing records (View in collector)

2. they can enter new records. (New in collector)

if opt. 1 chosen I would like to pass the values in collector to survey,

if opt. 2 chosen, I would like them to enter the values in survey.


Is it even possible ?

How do I configure the AGOL popups for each situation?

Can I jump back to collector from survey123 (at the same feature I was editing)?

Thank you,


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There are ways to transfer data back and forth between the two applications, but it'll take some work to get this to work. There is some documentation on "understanding the url scheme" of Survey123 and Collector that will allow you to open surveys and pass data from collector into Survey123 forms and then pass the calculated data back to collector.

I would complete a search for "understanding the url scheme of survey123". Once you have the survey123 help page there will be links that direct you to the collector app url schema at the bottom of the page. 

Keep in mind that you have to use the "concat()" function to create the hyperlink as a "note" question and this will contain a hyperlink url to pass the data back into survey123 forms. 

You our will need to also use the custom ESRI field designation and specify a really large text field character value to contain the text of the url.

I have a post from this week that references what you would like to do, except it will open an email. However, this give you the schema/structure of the url that you will have to create. It will take sometime to get the URL correct and have it function correctly. Once, you have it working in Survey123 connect, then you should test out on in the Survey123 app on a device.

I would provide links, but I am out of the office and using an iPad to type this up.

Good luck,