Will it be possible to modify records online for a survey built with Survey123Connect ?

03-07-2019 01:15 AM
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On Survey123.arcgis.com, when we click on a record, a little pen shows up. Currently, it says "editing existing records is not currently supported for surveys published with Survey123 Connect".

Is there a release date for the editing of records for surveys buit on Suvey123 Connect ?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi there,

The editing of records for surveys created on the web (via web designer) was only just introduced in the 3.3 release last week. Currently we do not have a time line for editing records that were created from Connect. Due to the fact that Connect supports more question types and more complex expressions and configurations, the ability to then edit these records on the website is more complicated. 

We will ensure you keep you updated when this feature is available.


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