Why is my survey not displaying images after publishing

07-10-2018 07:03 AM
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I have designed a survey using Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS and had some images  on it. these images display very well while on the Form preview but when I publish the survey, the images disappears from the published version.

Please can someone tell me what could be causing this problem.

Screenshots of the preview version and published versions are shown below. also I am putting here the excel spreadsheet I used for the design.This is the Form Preview on Suvery123 Connect

This is the published version

This is the published version

Survey SpreasheetChoice Spreadsheet

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Zhifang Wang Can you please look into this issue?

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Hi Irene,

From your screenshot,

  • I cannot tell which list you used for the "broken" questions EMSRoute1, EMSRoute2, EMSRoute3
  • Also seems you didn't set image for list EMSRoute1, EMSRoute2, EMSRoute3 in the "choices" sheet

Please find an attached example which works as expected for me. Also please be noticed we have known issue that if you set "minimal" or "autocomplete" appearance for a select_multiple question, image will also NOT show up in the web form.