What is the best practice to share a Survey123 Form/App outside of my organization?

03-08-2021 11:22 AM
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I develop ESRI Applications for a handful of different organizations.

In the past I have developed and shared apps in ArcGIS Desktop, Web App Builder and now i am looking into developing in Survey123. And sharing the applications are a bit different in all of these environments. And i have learned its best to ask how before getting started because figuring this out can be time intensive.

So, I uploaded a feature service from my geodatabase in ArcMap and then I create a new survey form in Survey123 Connect.

I modified the Survey123 schema (mostly the calculations). It works well for me and members of my organization. 

My question is how do I do this for members outside my organization?

From my Survey123 (Developer)Account, i dont see how i can access other organizations data the way i can access their data in WebAppBuilder. In WebApp Builder, if myself (the developer) is in a group with members outside their organization, the developer can access the data and write an application.

How is this done in Survey123 Connect?



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Hello @ScottLehto3


Unfortunately at the moment it is not possible to create surveys from existing feature services that are shared to a cross Org group. I have logged an enhancement in our internal database requesting support for this workflow. 

I would suggest logging an idea in ArcGIS Ideas requesting this support, or logging a case with Esri Technical Support and they will be able to log an official Enhancement to help track progress.

Thank you, 


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Thank you. I will do that and place a link here.



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