Webhook Trigger Event Existing Record Edited does not transfer all field information from Survey123

10-17-2019 09:07 AM
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Hi, I've setup a webhook using MS Flow to connect with Survey123. The webhook uses both Triggers events: New record submitted, and Existing record edited.

Trigger event New record submitted

The webhook is working good when the submission is submitted the first time. I'm able to get all the fields from the form submission with a link to edit the submission:

Edit submission: : https://survey123.arcgis.com/share/<surveyId>?mode=edit&objectId=14

Type of feedback: Problem_on_the_trail
Type of problem on the Trail: Poor_trail_condition
Description of feedback: Good description
ObjectId: 14

Trigger event Existing record edited

When I click the edit submission link, the form opens with the proper information pre-filled and I can change the information I want. When I click submit, I receive an email (so the trigger is working), but the info in the email is wrong as it only contains the info I changed, and the objectid goes to -1 (instead of the proper objectid). So I get something like this if I just change the field 'Type of problem on the Trail' (other fields are now empty):

Edit submission: : https://survey123.arcgis.com/share/<surveyId>?mode=edit&objectId=-1

Type of feedback:
Type of problem on the Trail: Tree_on_the_trail
Description of feedback: 
ObjectId: -1

So how come I don't received all info including the updated one with the same webhook?


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This is a known issue that was (very briefly) discussed on the S123 EAC community here

James Tedrick
3 Weeks ago
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Hi Liam,

You should not necessarily count on either the web form or the field app to supply full features on an edit event - there may be fields not present in the form that exist in the feature's table.
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