Using Survey123 QR/Barcode Scanner Field to Relate Code to Existing Features

01-15-2018 08:23 AM
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I have several layers of existing features - poles, transformers, meters, fuses, etc - which I would like to relate to a QR or barcode. Can I do that in Survey123?

All of my assets currently exist in a GIS, and I want field crews to be able to walk up to a pole/transformer/meter/etc, scan in the QR code, and pull up the data we have on the asset.

If that can happen/does work, could I extend the capability in the future to a complete inspection program via ESRI software? I.e - Lineman Louie walks up to a meter and scans the QR code. Existing information about the asset is shown on the mobile device. From there, Lineman Louie can choose to Inspect or Maintain the device. This would open a new field in a related table that would collect information like the inspection date, meter reading, commentary, pictures, status, etc.

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Hi April

Yes we support barcode questions in Survey123, and you are able to extract information from the string returned. For more information take a look at the following blog: .

As for the rest of your requirements - you can use the app's inbox to select at existing feature (i.e. an asset) and then add a record to a related table containing your inspection information. You can also use the information returned by a barcode scan to lookup and return information on an asset (using the pulldata() function).

However as yet, it is not possible to use a barcode as the basis of selecting an existing record in the inbox for editing. We do have this open as an enhancement though.