use survey123 to create map with 2 geopoints that connect with a line

02-28-2021 01:54 PM
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I have an AGOO and Survey123 Connect (v3.0.128).

Goal: I would like to use a survey to create a publicly visible web map that displays two geopoints that are automatically connected by a line. The points and line would be immediately visible to the public. The final product will be a web mapping application, story map, or dashboard for a conference icebreaker event where each participant will enter their own location and the location of their favorite artist. A line will be generated automatically between the 2 points, ultimately forming a web. The lines are only for visualization so no routing information is needed.


  1. Is there a Survey123 Connect tutorial or sample survey that shows how to use the repeat to collect two points with one survey123.
  2. Is it possible to automatically connect the points using survey123 or ArcGIS Online (no routing needed). 

Thank you!

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Hi @AllisonHoff 

The Lines and Polygons sample in Connect demonstrates several techniques for working with geotrace and geoshape questions. In particular, the Calculate from Repeated Points example shows how to construct a line (geotrace question) from geopoints in a repeat using the sum() function.



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Any solution for create route in survey123 connect?

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