Updating a published survey with QR code or Web link?

08-12-2019 06:59 AM
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I published a survey for hunters to report any deer harvested,and the hunters are already using it to report their deer. As much as we have gone over every scenario, button push, etc. the hunters could do with the app, something has come up where we need to update and republish. Can the hunters download/install the updated survey using the QR code/Web link without having to delete the existing survey? Or do they have to manually delete their existing survey, then use the QR code/Web link to download the new version? Is there an "easy" way to updating a survey that is already loaded onto a device?

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated,

Chris Anderson

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

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Hi Chris

Currently, it is not possible for an anonymous user (i.e. not signed in) to update a survey via the link if that survey is already stored on their device. A user can only update a survey stored on their device if they're signed in and able to access the Download Surveys page. Otherwise, they must delete the survey first and then use the link to download the latest version.

This issue has been raised previously on this forum and we have an open enhancement request to develop this functionality. I will add your comments to our notes and endeavour to keep this post updated with any progress.

Best regards,


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Hi Jim,

Just to add that this would be really useful for a number of public facing surveys that we have created, especially in combination with this proposed enhancement.  Basically whenever your working with the public you want to make the process as easy and error-proof as possible.

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Hi Chris/Colin,


Just letting you know we have been working on public survey update notifications in the latest Survey123 RC builds available on the Early Adopter Community (EAC). The new feature will now alert the user in the field app when an updated survey is available. A notification banner will be displayed at the top of the gallery page, as well as a new update surveys page to bulk download updated surveys and the user will also be alerted when trying to open a survey that has an update. This enables the user to do an update of the survey before proceeding to collect a new survey record.


Please test out the latest 3.9 RC2 builds and provide any feedback via the EAC user forums for this new feature. You can find the 3.9 RC2 announcement with details on EAC.