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09-28-2018 07:46 AM
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Is there a way to inform users of an updated survey that is available and to have them download them automatically (or have them go to the download survey screen)? 

Currently, whenever I update a survey, I have to send out an email to inform our users that there's a new version of the survey available for downloading.  I've had to update one of our surveys 3 times this week, which sparked several emails.  I would be slick if Survey123 could check the currency of the surveys on the devices and inform the users if there's any updated surveys to download.  This feature would be beneficial for all.



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This feature would be very helpful. It would also need to be available for anonymous (public) user.  See the comments in this link for why it is currently a problem (public user have to delete the survey in order to update it, loosing all their data in the process).

Public users don't need to see all available survey from an organisation, they just need a simple refresh button somewhere.

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Hello I've been trying to accomplish something similar myself. I noticed that when downloading surveys through the field app it shows the last edit date, which I assume is derived from the "modified" value of the items JSON. James Tedrick is there a way to automagically embed the "modified" date into the survey items summary? This way it'll show to the user and they can decide if they need to manually re-download or not.

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Hi Paul,

Just letting you know we have been working on the survey update notifications feature in the latest Survey123 beta builds available on the Early Adopter Community (EAC). The new workflow will now alert the user in the field app when an updated survey is available, and be displayed on the gallery page, download surveys page and when trying to open a survey that has an update. This enables the user to do an update of the survey before proceeding to collect a new survey record.

Please test out the latest 3.9 beta builds and provide any feedback via the EAC user forums for this new feature. You can find the 3.9 beta announcement with details on EAC.



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This is great news Philip! Thanks for the update.