Units will not display as metric even though device language is UK English

05-20-2021 03:24 AM
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Hi all - as far as I'm aware the units shown in Survey123 when you are drawing e.g. a GeoTrace feature are set by your device locale/language. I'm in the UK, but my app is using imperial units. I have double checked that my device language is set to UK English in my settings, but can't get Survey123 to show metric units. Currently using a OnePlus 1, but colleagues are having the same issue (though haven't checked the language on their devices isn't US English)

Any suggestions?

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I've had this same issue and reported it to ESRI at the start of 2020. It is logged as enhancement #ENH-000128512 Survey123 app - when setting a device to language: English (UK) display metric units by default instead of imperial units.

I hope they resolve this. The only workaround offered was as follows: "the only way for all devices to show metric measurements is to change the language settings for all devices to Australian English or Canadian English".

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