Take photo button defaults to rear camera on ipad without ability to switch to rear

06-19-2020 10:22 AM
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I have published a survey and the webform works well except for the camera functionality.  The take photo button opens the camera to the front facing camera on my Ipad with no ability to change it to the rear.  However, if I select the box to choose an image file, I am presented with the options to take photo, open the photo library or browse the device.  Selecting the take photo then opens the camera app and I have full functionality of the camera.

Am I missing a setting in the survey somewhere that needs set to default to the rear camera or the device camera app in the button?

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Hi Matt,

The issue you described is a salesforce issue which has been closed for version 3.6, but I was able to repro the same with 3.10. This might be a regression issue. We will investigate this further.

BUG-000120298 When accessing Survey123 for ArcGIS web app on a tablet, selecting the Camera icon to capture an image does not allow switching between rear and front camera views

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