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Survey123 Report with Map displaying points relevant only to that survey submission

05-22-2024 03:53 PM
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I am trying to create a survey report containing a map that displays the geopoints collected in a survey. So far I can create the report however all of the points in the layer on the web map are displaying. As a note, the geopoints are contained in a repeat.
I am trying to play around with the summary section however I keep getting errors about end nodes being in the wrong place etc. I am hoping to filter the points by creation date as shown in the snippet below.


I was thinking maybe a need to have a new web map that shows a filtered version of the points via SDE? I haven't really played around with that so not sure of the capabilities.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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  • Introduction to Survey123: Survey123 is an Esri application used for creating, sharing, and analyzing surveys.
  • Creating a Survey: Design your survey using Survey123’s user-friendly interface to collect specific data points.
  • Collecting Data: Respondents fill out the survey, submitting relevant geographic information.
  • Data Integration: Survey responses are automatically integrated into the Survey123 database.
  • Generating Reports: Use Survey123’s built-in reporting tools to generate detailed reports.
  • Mapping Points: Include a map in your report to display geographic points relevant to the survey submission.
  • Customization: Customize the map to show only the points related to the specific survey response.
  • Visualization: Enhance the map with different visualization options like symbols and colors.
  • Analysis: Analyze spatial data like fafsa to gain insights into geographic trends and patterns.
  • FAFSA Integration: For students using the FAFSA program, include data points related to financial aid needs and geographic distribution.
  • Sharing Reports: Share the generated reports with stakeholders via PDF or web links.
  • Utilizing Resources: Leveraging resources like fafsa can help support financial planning and aid distribution analysis in your survey reports.


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Hi @j-bromp , there is another post that goes into this in a bit more detail and has some partial solutions, but no complete successful solution yet: 

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