survey123 no connection to portal in disconnected environement

02-25-2018 12:30 AM
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in the last version survey123 2.7.4 (windows), there are no way to connect

in the latest version of windows survey123 (2.7.4), the connect button disappears in disconnected environment (without internet). no possibility to post  survey to portal in a disconnected environment.
how to use survey123 (with portal) without internet connection ?

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Hi,  the Survey123 field app disables certain functionality when you are disconnected from the network. While disconnected you will not be able to login into your portal, submit surveys or download basemap tiles that have been configured for use while online.

All the operations above require your device to be connected to the network because otherwise the app cannot connect to your portal (against one can login, download and submit surveys). Note that an internet connection is not  a requisite: you could be connected via WIFI to your internal network (intranet) and perform all the operations above.

The behavior I describe is not unique to 2.7. All versions of Survey123 will work the same way. The issue you may be running into is that you uninstalled a version of Survey123 in your device to install Survey123 2.7 from the Early Adopters Program. At that  point you probably disconnected the device without having done a first login to download surveys.  This meant that the next time you open Survey123 while disconnected you could not do anything... because you had no downloaded surveys and you could not login to download surveys.   This is not unique to 2.7, it is just how things are supposed to work. 

Try the following:

  1. Connect your device to the network (intranet  is  fine if you are working with ArcGIS Enterprise)
  2. Setup the URL of your portal if working against Enterprise.  Login
  3. Download surveys
  4. Go offline
  5. Capture data
  6. Once you connect again, submit data normally

I hope this helps.

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