Survey123 ListName and relevant field trouble

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06-15-2018 11:21 AM
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Hello,  I am relatively new to using Survey123 with the excel form.  I am having 2 difficulties. 

When I select "select_multiple" it will not allow me to change the "list name" to anything else.  Anything I put instead of list name results in an error.  I would like to replace it with "observers".  So I have tried [observers], [observers_default], observers.  Why will it not allow me to change the "list name"?

And I am trying to create a relevant statement.  so in the relevant column I typed the expression ${observers_default}= 'Other'

so if they select other  and any other default options, they can type in a non-default observers name.  How do I write it so that if they select other, regardless of the other options selected they can fill in the "other" field.

Thanks for your help

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